Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Leisure

Legislation in congress right now could make a lot of good people upset in like 20 years. These people wonder what economic situation could have possibly prompted such legal language to exist. I'm learning that crises are prime opportunity for power seizure, albeit subtle.

Sunk Costs

In Portland, the 79 line runs down SE 82nd Street, which, if you go far enough north, turns into shady lane, as they say. A Craig’s List bicycle ad brought me to the area. The bike was bright and blue and had skinny tires, which seemed right on because all I really wanted was something that went fast, and I had never been to that part of town.

The guy had a cool dog (which shouldn't surprise me anymore), and his lady-friend was hosing down the bike. It was fly.

“Ahhh, I should have posted that the tire was flat. I meant to get a new tube today.” That meant I couldn’t ride it before purchasing. I gave him his asking price. I was already way out there, and I was feeling guilty for leaving my bio partner alone.

I missed biology pre-lab, but I got to see the TriMet commute in its fullest, the highlight of which was a group of twenty-something girls, fitted for soccer practice with neon shin guards and cleats.

The kid Nathaniel picked up the slack on setting up the stickleback trap. That’s what being a team is all about. We caught the most fish anyway.

The next day in econ class I learned about something called sunk costs. And the brakes are fucked up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Knife: "Heartbeat"

They're Swedish! Love the visual repetition.

No Fun

Don't you miss the angst?

Day 1

Thought documentation coming slowly.

Page to be in format of weary prisoner.

Don't demand too much.

More tomorrow.