Thursday, June 4, 2009

For Those Whose Blogs I Used to Read

I smoked in the rain, under an awning, after I spent another day immersed in the sciences that have awed and befuddled me for four days. Sciences and massive institutions, like the National Institutes of Health or, better, our national government have forced upon me weird and immediate interpersonal realities.

I really wanted to write about why listening affectionately to The Hold Steady locked me into a form-fitting and helpless perspective. While I was under this awning, I thought about some things that I might say to people with whom I am familiar. I thought about experiences I have, mostly mundane, that I probably won't share with anyone. I monologized about some things that I haven't done and will probably never do but think would be cool. I came to a certain realization that I could only come up with these ideas by placing myself in some abstract future where I am able to talk affectionately about my current predicament as if it were the past. Of course, if I could claim a certain level of sincerity for the things that I do, I would be in no dream state. I would be acting. I would not be reminiscing about the present. The present that cannot actualize from this viewpoint. Paralysis, dog. "Hold steady" is not healthy to assume as action. The Hold Steady suggests inaction and nostalgia. I was 16 or 17 when How a Resurrection Really Feels really got to me. I assume their past-tense narration. Oh I inflate what I don't do, turning it around a couple times in my mind by assuming a peer's perspective. Can you see how this can end badly?

Gonna eat starbursts and watch Kids now.

Friday, March 27, 2009


When a man appears the world bears down on him and breaks his back. There are always too many rotten pillars left standing, too much festering humanity for man to bloom. The superstructure is a lie and the foundation is a huge quaking fear. If at intervals of centuries there does appear a man with a desperate, hungy look in his eye, a man who would turn the world upside down in order to create a new race, the love that he brings to the world is turned to bile and he becomes a scourge. If now and then we encounter pages that explode, pages that wound and sear, that wring groans and tears and curses, know that they come from a man with his back up, a man whose only defenses left are his words and his words are always stronger than the lying, crushing weight of the world, stronger than all the racks and wheels which the cowardly invent to crush out the miracle of personality. If any man ever dared to translate all that is in his heart, to put down what is really his experienc,e what is truly his truth, I think then the world would go to smash, that it would be blown to smithereens and no god, no accident, no will could ever again assemble the pieces, the atoms, the indestructible elements that have gone to make up the world.
-Henry Miller

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ever go fishing and get your car stolen by a DJ and a mariachi singer? It kind of happens like this.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's cramping my style, dog

No distinguishing the boys from the scene here.

I guess part of the reason I admire the Beastie Boys is their ability to switch up styles without bating critics. God they've had so many different yet defining styles. Somehow their evolution never meant selling out. They didn't just change their clothes but also their attitudes. Which makes the achievement that much more bewildering.
It's as if their audience has more respect for them than they have for themselves. They've gotten worse no doubt. I won't post any of their really recent stuff.


They certainly don't belong to much anymore. From a rooftop to a river walk, PVC pipes to moonshoes, Kilts to onesies. No one is cramping this style. They keep each other good company.

O this makes me weary.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your Rump:

Pitchfork recently gave the Paul's Boutique rerelease a 10.0. Is it for real?

Never been dumped, cuz I'm the most mackinest
Never been jumped, cuz I'm the most packinest

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Pop-Tart

My poptart's "filling is made with equal to 10% fruit."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Portland is Pretty

Have to blog because it is right. There is so much control to life when you have the time to live through something twice. There is so much righteousness in keeping up a blog.

I've found myself hoping for the prolonged Portland rain and I haven't been getting it. I've wanted an excuse to stay in my room. Usually it's cloudy and dim when I wake, and I am relieved that I won't be taunted by the exterior. It won't make me feel guilty for a reluctance to engage. It usually clears up by noon though.

The weather hasn't been like they said it would be. There hasn't been more than two or three days of straight rain, much less months of gray. The sky hasn't allowed me to hide beneath it when the low clouds seemed comforting. I hope it reveals me, but I still haven't climbed a mountain out here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looks like there are a lot of phospholipids out there