Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Portland is Pretty

Have to blog because it is right. There is so much control to life when you have the time to live through something twice. There is so much righteousness in keeping up a blog.

I've found myself hoping for the prolonged Portland rain and I haven't been getting it. I've wanted an excuse to stay in my room. Usually it's cloudy and dim when I wake, and I am relieved that I won't be taunted by the exterior. It won't make me feel guilty for a reluctance to engage. It usually clears up by noon though.

The weather hasn't been like they said it would be. There hasn't been more than two or three days of straight rain, much less months of gray. The sky hasn't allowed me to hide beneath it when the low clouds seemed comforting. I hope it reveals me, but I still haven't climbed a mountain out here.

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